Sewer Project: Upper North Oconee (UNO) Phase 2C Trunk Replacement

Project Details

Name:  Upper North Oconee Phase 2C Trunk Replacement (UNO 2C)

Type:  Sewer 

Expected Start Date:  November 2021

Expected Completion Date:  November 2023

Area for Improvements:  Newton Bridge Rd. to Maxey Blvd.

Cost:  $5,472,225

Project Summary:  UNO 2C extends from Newton Bridge Rd. to Maxey Blvd.  The project includes replacing approximately 8,800 linear feet (LF) of existing 12” and 15” sewer lines with a 24” ductile iron pipe (DIP) line.

How this benefits Athens’ residents:  The current sewer line is at full capacity, preventing any further developments until the replacement is completed.

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Map of Upper North Oconee Interceptor Sewer Improvements

Photos & Maps

An exposed sanitary sewer pipe due to stormwater erosion will be relocated below grade. 
UNO 2C exposed pipe
Aboveground sanitary sewer pipe with flanged connections will be eliminated and relocated below grade.  
UNO 2C CMU piers

An aerial sanitary sewer pipe stream crossing is to be eliminated by traversing the stream using trenchless methods.
UNO 2C aerial stream crossing

UNO 2C Interceptor Basin MapUNO 2C Existing Sanitary Sewer System