Operational Support Bureau


Operational Support Bureau

Deputy Chief Harrison Daniel, Operational Support Bureau

Comprised of highly-trained and experienced officers as well as many of our vital civilian employees, this bureau is divided into two central units - Criminal Investigations and Administrative Services.  

Criminal Investigations include Person Crimes, Property Crimes, Domestic and Sexual Assaults, as well as the Public Information/Media Relations Unit, ACCPD's Gang Unit, Drug Task Force, and our connection with the FBI's Safe Streets Task Force. 

The Administrative Services Bureau is comprised of our Standards, Records, & Training Division, Recruitment, Property and Evidence, Quartermaster, and our Accreditation Unit.  The Accreditation Unit maintains our CALEA and State of Georgia certifications, while the Property and Evidence maintains all items gathered by officers, detectives, and forensics during criminal 

  1. Harrison Daniel

    Deputy Chief, Operational Support Bureau