Highlighting Contemporary Art in GA: Picture This

Dianna Settles_2
I am my own temple
Painting 2
Goldsleger - Turbulence 2016 mixed media on linen 36 x 48 inchesgd FINAL
Hanging Hug
I wait

Highlighting Contemporary Art in Georgia: Picture This 


On view: June 18, 2022 - September 3, 2022

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2011 Betsy and Alyssa

The state of Georgia is rich with talented artists. Highlighting Contemporary Art in Georgia is a reoccurring series of traveling exhibitions organized by the Georgia Museum of Art and the Lyndon House Arts Center that pulls from this diverse and creative group. This program is made available by the Georgia Museum of Art at minimal cost to arts venues across the state. Each exhibition will open in Athens, at the Lyndon House Arts Center. Following the success of Pushing the Press: Printmaking in the South, in the summer of 2016, and Cut and Paste: Works of Paper summer of 2019, Picture This focuses on 11 contemporary narrative painters living and working across the state of Georgia: Bo Bartlett, Cedric Smith, Cheryl Goldsleger, Dianna Settles, Fahamu Pecou, Holly Coulis, Margaret Morrison, Melissa Huang, Tori Tinsley, Shanequa Gay and Orion Wertz.

"During these last few years in the curating of this traveling exhibition, the nature of partnerships have become all the more relevant. Community and actionable participation is vastly responsible for the successes we achieve in the creative arts – we simply cannot do it alone. Highlighting Contemporary Art in Georgia continues to build partnerships that amplify the artist’s voice and advocate for arts across the state. Collaboration with our state museum, the Georgia Museum of Art, make this mission and multi-year partnership evermore the stronger. Starting with the basics: printmaking, paper and this year painting, this program is designed to share the amazing talent of artists living and working in Georgia. The third in the series, Picture This, features a diverse group of artists experimenting in narrative painting. Each of their own stylistic interpretations, conceptual investigations, cultural messaging and beauty are represented in this show and in this booklet. Thankfully so, as a curator for this exhibition, I am welcomed into the artist’s studio. Whether vast loft or spare room, I am grateful for these connections with these makers. So, thank you to all for some wonderful years of planning. Thank you to the venues who will be exhibiting this collection of works and sharing them with their community. Moreover, thank you to the staff at the Georgia Museum of Art who make this big effort so generously." - Didi Dunphy

Artist Works pictured: Top left to right, Fahamu Pecou, Dianna Settles, Shanequa Gay. Margaret Morrison, Cedric Smith. Holly Coulis, Cheryl Goldsleger. Tori Tinsley, Melissa Huang, Orion Wertz. Bo Bartlett