Project Overview

The study will encompass the utilization and availability estimates of firms in the marketplace and will calculate disparity and collect anecdotal data from business owners. 

Legal Review & Framework

 A review of the legal framework on which disparity studies are based, including standards established by the U.S. Supreme Court in City of Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co., as well as other relevant court cases with emphasis on program and methodological requirements.

Procurement Policies, Practices, & Procedures Review and Analysis

A detailed examination of the Unified Government procurement policies and procedures, and a review of the policies and procedures that currently govern the M/WBE Program.

Data Evaluation, Collection, and Processing

Assessment of the availability of payments data maintained by the Athens-Clarke County, collection of all pertinent electronic and hard-copy data appropriate and available to execute various analyses associated with the disparity study. Data will include prime contractor and subcontract payment data for construction, architectural and engineering, goods and services, and professional services purchases within the scope of the study’s framework.

Relevant Geographic Market and Product Market Analyses

An evaluation to determine the relevant geographic market and product market areas of expended dollars with firms based on their location.

Public Sector Utilization

Collection and analysis of utilization data of M/WBE firms on the Unified Government prime contracts and subcontracts.

Estimation of M/WBE Availability

Using various sources, an estimation of the availability of M/WBE firms in the relevant geographic and product markets. 

Public Sector Disparity Ratios

Calculations that help determine whether a disparity exists by creating a disparity index, as well as statistical significance testing.

Private Market Disparity and Nongoal Analyses

Identification of the presence or absence of passive discrimination in the private sector.

Collection and Analysis of Anecdotal Information

Gathering of anecdotal information regarding contracting and purchasing practices in the relevant market area from M/WBE and non-M/WBE firms through the collection of formal complaints, community meetings, in-depth interviews, stakeholder interviews, and surveys.

Multivariate Analysis

Econometric analysis in terms of the contribution that each independent or explanatory variable in the model makes towards explaining differences or variation in the dependent variable.

Goals Setting

Using the finding of the utilization and availability, establish an annual aspirational goal for the Unified Government.

Draft and Final Reports

MGT will develop a comprehensive draft then final report outlining the study methodology, research findings, data analyses, and recommendations.