Sewer Project: Memorial Park

Project Details

Name: Memorial Park Sewer Replacement

Type: Sewer

Notice to Proceed: Spring 2022

Status: 0%

Area for Improvements: Subdivisions on South Milledge, including Moose Club Dr., Woodland Hills, Habersham, Annes Ct., and Gran Ellen Dr.

Expected Completion Date: Summer 2023; however, the project has been delayed slightly due to supply chain issues.

Construction cost: $1,896,710 construction contract award approved by Mayor & Commission on January 4, 2022

Project Summary: This PUD capital improvements project is listed as one of the top 10 troubled segments of the PUD Service Delivery Plan Project No. 3-318.  The problematic sanitary sewer system area serves Memorial Park and the subdivisions on South Milledge, including Moose Club Drive, Woodland Hills, Habersham, Annes Court, and Gran Ellen Drive.  The existing sewer line has long aerial spans that have been exposed due to creek bank erosion.  Repairs have been made in the past to the line when a temporary support beam washed away.  Also, the sewer line by the Dog Park has extensive inflow and infiltration (I/I) problems requiring ongoing maintenance to remove sand from the pipe.  The area's limited access and steep slope make maintenance more difficult.   This project will realign the sewer lines to avoid the aerials as much as possible and reroute the new sewer through the Dog Park.

How this benefits Athens' residents: The new Dog Park fencing will be relocated and improved to meet LES standards.  The new terraces will allow for more flat areas within the dog park to encourage the movement of dogs and their owners, creating more functional space within the park.  The trees inside the enclosure will be removed to facilitate grading for the stormwater control terraces and allow for more sunlight and improved grass-growing conditions within the dog park.  The trees (mostly pines and some hardwoods) within the existing dog park are generally in a state of decline due to the heavy compaction and damage to their critical root zones from persistent foot traffic.  

A secondary dog park entrance will also be added off Woodland Hills to improve patron access.   These actions reflect the proposed dog park improvements in the approved 2018 Memorial Park Master Plan, address substantial existing erosion issues within the dog park, and will improve the water quality in the Memorial Park pond.

Questions:  Contact John Halley, Utility Engineer (interim), Phone: 706-613-3490

Memorial Park Sewer Realignment and Dog Park Upgrade Map