Sewer Project: Standard Oil Road

Name: Standard Oil Road Sewer

Type:  Sewer 

Notice to Proceed: Winter 2021

Status: Plans and permits submitted for review 

Area for Improvements: Cleveland Ave. and Standard Oil St.

Expected Completion Date: Winter 2023 

Construction/Design cost: $33,683

Project Summary: This project is a sanitary sewer main extension to eliminate a joint-use service by multiple residents of Standard Oil Street. The proposed sanitary sewer main would provide sanitary sewer service for all customers along Standard Oil Street, with the main being owned and maintained by Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities.

How this benefits Athens' residents: This sewer extension will provide service to multiple lots along Standard Oil Street, eliminating a joint-use service. The project will facilitate maintenance activities to address spills and backups into structures. Currently, service issues are the home owner's responsibility to maintain and repair. The joint-use service's location has also prevented new construction and remodels in the area. This sewer extension will provide the means for future improvements going forward. 

Questions:  Contact John Halley, Utility Engineer (interim), Phone: 706-613-3490

Diagram of sewer improvement in area of Standard Oil Road