Fire Education

Picture of Community Educator Emily Thompson

Sergeant Emily Thompson, Community Educator

Community Risk Reduction Office: 706-613-3360


Bubbles the clown and Freddie the Fire Engine

Meet Bubbles

Bubbles was born in 2008 to parents, Soap-iea and Hydro, who were two balloons that floated away from the circus. Bubbles grew up in a firehouse in south GA where she fell in love with spreading the messages of Fire and Life Safety. One day Bubble’s joined a circus and traveled all over spreading her knowledge. Landing in Athens-Clarke County in 2010 she decided to stay. Bubbles ate a poison apple and fell asleep for many years until one day she was kissed by a golden firefighter, and the spell was broken. Now Bubbles is on a mission to teach Fire and Life Safety in and around Athens-Clarke County.

Bubbles has a pet dog named Sparky and a friend, Freddie the Fire Truck.

Hobbies include: making balloon animals, being a movie star, finger and face painting, walking on her hands, doing cartwheels, cooking safely, taking long walks with Freddie and Sparky, being a goofball, and spreading the knowledge of Fire and Life Safety to all ages.

The End….wait…or is this just the beginning?

Fire Safety and Emergency Education Videos