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2022 Summer Rain Barrel Sale (Pre-Orders open Monday, July 18th)

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  4. Thank you for your interest in Rain Barrels!

    The Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Management Program is hosting a Summer Rain Barrel Sale! Pre-order a barrel for yourself or give the gift of rainwater harvesting to a friend or family member. Our rain barrel kits are available for purchase for $30.00/kit. Each kit includes a plastic 55-gallon drum and a DIY RainRecycle kit from the Rain Barrel Depot. The kit comes with almost everything you need to install the rain barrel at home, including a FlexiFit down spout diverter.

  5. We are asking that barrels are limited to one per person and two per household.

  6. Claimed barrels must be picked up on August 19th. After you have completed this sale form, you will receive an email from Stormwater Staff with instructions on when and where to pick-up your barrel on the 19th of August. Pick-ups will be done in a contact-free, drive-thru style.

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    If you are a property owner in Athens-Clarke County, you will have an account.

  9. You can access your account number by logging in at the following website: https://athe-egov.aspgov.com/Click2GovCX/index.ht

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    Look out for a follow-up email from Stormwater Staff with details about pick-ups on the 19th. If you have any issues submitting this form or have any questions, please reach out to julie.jaeger@accgov.com

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