Public Complaint / Compliment Form

The Public Safety Civilian Oversight Board (PSCOB) Complaint / Compliment Form serves as a way for the public to directly put forward either their complaints or compliments against sworn employees of agencies under the Board's jurisdiction. 

All complaints and/or compliments must be submitted within 180 days of the incident and will be reviewed for information and justification, and all submissions will receive a confirmation receipt within ten (10) business days of the forms' complete submission. Please note that confirmation does not indicate further action - any further action will be done at the discretion of the Public Safety Civilian Oversight Board. 

Ordinance maintains that the complaints and compliments will also be forwarded to the associated public-safety agency. These do have the ability to initiate a separate investigation, which can potentially result in a trial by court of law. 

All applications are subjected to open records, except those specifically exempted by law. Although PSCOB makes every attempt to maintain confidentiality, as appropriate, during the course of a formal review; but any applicant should be aware that final recommendations or actions done by PSCOB will be done by public vote, and may include the applicant's name or other pertinent information. 

Any questions or completed forms can be submitted in-person to the Office of Operational Analysis at 301 College Ave. Suite 202 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM or by email to