Inmate Accounts

Money Access for Inmates

Individual cash accounts up to $100 are maintained for each inmate. Money confiscated from the inmate during the booking process and money deposited by family / friends is deposited into the inmate’s account. An inmate account is established to safeguard the inmate’s money while in jail, allow the inmate to purchase in-cell items from the jail commissary, and provide a resource for the inmate to post bail, pay fines, etc. An inmate account is not to be used to pay household bills or meet family expenses.


Cash, credit card or debit card can be brought to the facility and deposited on an account using the Kiosk Smart Deposit machine located in the front lobby and visitation lobby. A service fee does apply - see rate schedule for fees. When money is added to an account, you will receive a receipt. Only money orders will be accepted by mail, not cash or personal or payroll checks. Money orders cannot be brought to the jail, they are accepted by mail only.

We will not accept money for an account when the balance is $100.00 or more. Account money may be spent in the jail commissary. The deadline for receiving money to be used for the current week’s commissary is Tuesday at 7:00 PM.