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What to do with old Hardback Books?

These suggestions are provided for people who want to know what to do with hardback books that are no longer needed.

First Suggestion: Donate Books, Musical CDs & DVDs
The Athens Regional Library System accepts gifts of money, books, films, pamphlets and the like with the understanding that the library may do with them as it sees fit. These items may be taken to any library for donation. The library staff will go through the items and determine if they can be used in the library. If they cannot be used in the library, they will go to be stored for the next Friends of the Library book sale. Visit the Public Library for additional information.

Second Suggestion: Better World Book Bins

ACC Recycling Division and Athens Regional Library is partnering 


with Better World Books to capture hardback books from the waste stream. Better World Books is a for-profit
 social enterprise that collects used books and sells them online to raise money for literacy initiatives worldwide

Locally, they donate a portion of the book sale proceeds to the Athens Regional Library.  While ACC Recycling Division wants you to first donate books to the ACC Library, the Better World Book bins offer an alternative for books that our library is not interested in reusing.  

For a list of Better World Book Bins locations, please go to:

 Questions?  Contact ACC Recycling Division (706) 613-3512