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Recycling Clothing & ShoesAmericas Thrift Store donation box

About 85% of clothing sold in the U.S. is thrown away and ends up in landfills. By collecting unwanted clothing for reuse and recycling, you will help our local landfill and environment. Take clothing and shoes to any of the drop-off points in Athens. The bins (pictured right) are maintained by America's Thrift Store. For a complete list of items accepted for donation, please visit:

America's Thrift Store can accept all textiles that are not heavily soiled with dirt, grease, or mold. This includes clothing, shoes, sheets, curtains & drapes, towels, pillows & comforters/blankets.

Approximately 60% of the clothes and textiles are sold through thrift stores in the U.S. and abroad. The remainder are recycled as other products or made into new textiles.

Clothing and Shoe Bin Locations at Recycling Drop-Off Sites:

Clothing, shoes and small items may also be donated through local drop-off sites. Please bring large items to the CHaRM or a local thrift store. Do not leave items on the ground. If you have more than two bags of donation goods, you may also request a free pick-up by visiting:

  • ACC Landfill, 5700 Lexington Road
  • ACC CHaRM, 1005 College Avenue
  • ACC Recycling Facility, 699 Hancock Industrial Way
  • Georgia Square Mall recycling drop-off, 3700 Atlanta Hwy (Cinema Lot)
  • Lexington Road recycling drop-off, located on Jail Road behind the Tag Office
  • Additional locations can be searched here: