CHaRM logoItem(s) now accepted at your local CHaRM Site at 1005 College Avenue and ACC landfill by appointment only
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Most tire retailers will collect and recycle your old tires for a minimal fee. You can also recycle your tires at the ACC Landfill; the landfill does not accept rims.

Tire disposal fees at the ACC Landfill:

  • $3 per standard passenger or light truck tire
  • $10 per commercial truck tire
  • $15 per ton bicycle tires and tubes ($5 minimum)

Each year, Americans throw out over 240 million tires in landfills where they are a serious fire hazard and house mosquitoes and small diseased rodents. Now there are 2 billion tires in our landfills, which make up over 10% of the solid waste in the U.S. 

In January 1988, the Department of Energy and Air Products began research to discover new ways to recycle and reuse the rubber in scrap tires. Today, the recycled rubber is used to make many products, including the soles of tennis shoes and door mats. The biggest use of scrap tires is tire derived fuel, or TDF.