Residential Parking Program

Annual Parking Passes

Parking passes can be obtained from the Transportation and Public Works Engineering Division at 120 W. Dougherty Street (lower level) for streets that are currently approved for permit parking.

Property owners can purchase 12 month passes (January - December).

Tenants can purchase passes corresponding to the terms of their lease, either 6 month or 12 month. 

Permit Application

Please bring the following:

  • Valid picture ID
  • Proof of residency within the last 30 days such as lease or rental agreement or current utility bill
  • $10 (check or credit card)

If there were no parking passes previously issued during the year for an address, residents may obtain two passes for $10.

Please note: We are not able to replace lost or stolen passes.

Streets Currently Approved For Permit Parking

  • Brittain Avenue
  • Castalia Avenue (Oakland Ave to Milledge Cir)
  • S. Church Street (Broad St. to Dearing St.)
  • W. Cloverhurst Avenue (S. Milledge Ave to Bloomfield St)
  • Cloverhurst Place (Cloverhurst Ter to Cloverhurst Ave)
  • Cloverhurst Terrace (Wilcox St to Cloverhurst Ave)
  • Cobb St (King Ave to Hillcrest Ave)
  • Dearing Street (S. Milledge Ave to S. Pope St.)
  • Hampton Court (Scott St to Agriculture)
  • Hardin Drive (Pinecrest Dr to Agriculture Dr)
  • Henderson Ave (S. Milledge Ave to Church St)
  • Hill Street (Hillcrest Ave to King Ave)
  • Hillcrest Ave (Cobb St to Hill St)
  • Mell Street (Springdale St to W. Rutherford St)
  • Milledge Circle (Cherokee Dr. to S. Lumpkin St)
  • Morton Avenue (Pinecrest Dr to Northview Dr)
  • Morton Avenue (Pinecrest Dr to DW Brooks Dr)
  • Normal Avenue (Georgia Ave. to Pineneedle Rd.)
  • O'Farrell Street (Morton Avenue to Hampton Ct)
  • Pinecrest Drive (from Morton Ave to University Dr)
  • Pulaski Street (Dougherty St. to Barrow St.)
  • Riverdale Drive (Pinecrest Dr to Agriculture Dr)
  • E. Rutherford Street (Pinecrest Dr to Lumpkin St)
  • W. Rutherford Street (Stanton Way to S. Milledge Ave.)
  • Scott Street (Morton Ave to Southview Dr)
  • Southview Drive (Scott St to O'Farrell)
  • Springdale Street (S. Milledge Ave to Church St)
  • University Drive (Pinecrest Dr to Agriculture Dr)
  • Wilcox Street (Rutherford St to Bloomfield St)
  • Woodrow Street (Lumpkin St to Northview Dr)

For a complete list of streets eligible for Permit Parking view the Parking Policy Statement.