Watershed Management

A watershed is the area of land that drains into a specific body of water, such as a creek or river. It can also be called a drainage basin. Rain that falls anywhere within a creek’s watershed will eventually drain into that creek. There are 17 watersheds in Athens, draining to each of the 15 creeks in Athens and 2 draining to the rivers.

Athens-Clarke County (ACCGOV) has 69 miles of polluted streams throughout 18 different stream reaches. The most common pollutant found in our streams is fecal coliform bacteria. Other common impairments include pH and total suspended solids. ACCGOV continually implements best management practices, including initiatives in pet waste management, sewer evaluations, septic system management, and bacteria source tracking, to help reduce fecal coliform and sediment loads to receiving waters as well as to maintain acceptable levels of pH.

Other watershed management information and resources:

Athens-Clarke County Drainage Basins (click on the map to enlarge the image)

basins map screenshot

Athens-Clarke County Impaired Streams (click on the map to enlarge the image)

ACC Impaired Waters