Fixed-Route Bus Servi ce

Getting Started

Call Athens Transit at our customer information number, 706-613-3430, and our travel agents will help plan a great trip for you! An Athens Transit System map and individual route schedule maps (available at numerous locations throughout Athens) can give you the same information if you prefer to plan your own trip.

Drawing of a bus

The Bus Stop 

Once you have your trip planned, head to your nearest bus stop (with correct change or bills). Arrive about five minutes before the bus should be there. Now, you stand, sit, squat, kneel, or lean around the bus stop, keeping your eyes open for your bus.

The Bus

When you see a bus coming, check the name and number found on the top front of the bus. If it's the route you want, raise your hand to flag down your friendly bus operator. Remember, food and drinks are prohibited on all Athens Transit vehicles so please dispose of them properly before boarding.

Hop on, pay your fare, and sit back and relax in the temperature-controlled comfort of an Athens Transit bus. Feel free to check with your bus operator when you get on if you are unsure about this route or connecting ones. They are amazingly knowledgeable about the bus routes, among countless other things! If you are transferring, when boarding the bus, tell the driver you want to transfer. The operator will give you a transfer slip. This slip of paper will get you on the next connecting bus at no charge.

Your Stop

Okay, let's say you're on the bus, and your stop is coming up. What do you do? Push on the yellow or black rubber strips around the windows or pull the cord above the windows. If you do that, you'll hear a "ping" and a "stop request" sign will light in the front of the bus. The great thing is the bus driver will hear it and see it too, and that is his or her indication that someone would like to get off the bus.

Remember, enter the bus through the front doors and exit through the back doors. This is just a safety measure for the benefit of all riders. Upon departing, thank your driver for what we are sure was a wonderful, stress-free experience riding the bus.

Transportation of Animals on Public Transportation

Transportation of animals in a commercially made pet carrier is authorized on Athens Transit vehicles. As long as carrier is appropriate for vehicle and animal, the carrier is relatively clean and not a public health hazard. Of-course, service animals are always welcome.