Jail Section

John Q Williams SheriffSection Responsibilities

The Jail Section is responsible for the receipt, detention, care, and provision of services of all persons arrested within Clarke County or the State of Georgia until each person posts bail, receives disposition on all criminal charges, or is lawfully released from the custody of the sheriff.


The Jail Section is divided into three functional units:
  • Operations Unit: The Operations Unit is responsible for the lawful admission and release of all jail inmates, their secure and safe detention, and supervising the provision of necessary services to the inmates.
  • Support Unit: The Support Unit is divided into four functional groups:
    • Inmate Services Group: The Inmate Services Group is responsible for inmate visitation; library, laundry, labor, and commissary services; and for coordinating (with the court or courts having jurisdiction) each inmate’s length of stay in the jail.
    • Food Services Group: The Food Services Group is responsible for the assembly and distribution of all meals to inmates being detained in the jail.
    • Classification Group: The Classification Group is responsible for the assignment of safe housing, investigation of disciplinary actions and complaints, and the archiving of records of each inmate being detained in the jail.
    • Maintenance Group: The Maintenance Group is responsible for providing routine restorative and preventative maintenance to the jail facility and equipment and for coordinating major repairs and special projects with the Athens-Clarke County Facilities Management Department.
  • Programs Unit: The Programs Section is responsible for providing opportunities for educational, religious, and rehabilitation goods and services to the inmates in the jail and for coordinating post-release services for former inmates with outside agencies and programs.