Athens Transit Development Plan

Transit Development Plan Update

The Athens Transit System (ATS) serves the general population of Athens‐Clarke County, and coordinates with the University of Georgia transit system, both financially and through the provision of transit services, to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. As the recent recipient of the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) Urban Community Transportation System of the Year, Athens Transit has established itself as a renowned provider of quality public transportation. In 2018, in keeping with their reputation and strong commitment to excellence, ATS undertook the Athens Transit Feasibility Study initiative to identify inefficiencies or duplications of service across all transportation modes and providers, develop comprehensive service options by gaining insights to the changing transit rider’s travel behaviors and preferences, and define technological advancements to ensure the system maintains its leadership role in the wake of the transitioning public transportation paradigm.

The feasibility study was developed as a precursor to the Athens Transit Development Plan (TDP) update, and recommendations were structured to inform the TDP planning process. The following report builds on the Feasibility Study, while meeting all State and Federal TDP update guidelines.

The TDP report will provide a comprehensive review of the service structure and operational
performance of transit providers in Athens‐Clarke County, public and stakeholder supported goals and objectives, needs and opportunities, and a five year fiscally constrained work program to guide implementation of improvements.