Online Payments

Alcohol Excise Tax (Monthly Mixed Drink)

Calculate tax, upload reports, and complete payment for monthly Excise Tax on the Gross Receipts from the Sale of Distilled Spirits by the Drink, commonly referred to as the “Mixed Drink Excise Tax."

Hotel/Motel Excise Tax (Monthly)

Calculate tax and complete online payment for the monthly Hotel Motel Excise Tax. Payment is due by the 20th of each month and can be paid online with debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover).

Municipal Court Fines

Pay Municipal Court fines online. Parking tickets issued by Downtown Athens Parking System (DAPS) are not paid through this system, but can be made online through a link below.

Parking Ticket Payment

Pay parking tickets through the Downtown Athens Parking System.

Probation Payment 

Pay probation fees online.

Pre-Trial Diversion Payment

Pay pre-trial diversion fees online.

Property Taxes

Pay property taxes through the Tax Commissioner’s website. A 3% merchant fee is collected for the service that does not go to Athens-Clarke County.

Stormwater Utility Billing

Pay stormwater utility fees online.

Water & Sewer / *Garbage (Only if Collected by Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste)

Pay bills online with a credit card. Create a WaterSmart account and click on “Pay Bill” to be directed to the online payment page. There is no fee for paying with a credit card.

Vehicle Tag Renewal

Payments are processed through the Georgia Department of Revenue. Payment requires an RIN number from your renewal notice from the Tax Commissioner’s Office. A web processing fee of $4.95 is assessed for each transaction, which can cover one to 50 vehicle renewals. Payment is by credit card.