1. Black Bear
  2. River Otter
  3. White Tailed Deer

Black bear sitting by plants.

American Black Bear (Ursus americanus) 

Appearance & Size:  
Typically black in color, but colors can range from brown, cinnamon, blue/grey, and even white.  Males typically weigh 120-600lbs and females 90-300lbs
Bears are omnivorous, meaning they consume both plant and animals matter. Only about 5% of a bears’ diet is made up of meat and most of that is scavenged and not hunted.
Habitat & Range
:  North America (Canada, United States, northern Mexico)  Black bears are typically found in forest but can be found in mountains and swamps.

  • DJ was found in the wild and taken in by Ellijay Wildlife Sanctuary in 2003.  He arrived at the zoo in September 2006.
  • Athena and Yonah were found in the wild in 2010, when they were approximately 2 months old and hand reared by Bear Hollow staff.  (Supposedly their mother was killed by a poacher and the Game Warden came upon the poacher when he was trying to take the cubs.) Both sisters are about the same size.  Athena has a white patch on her chest.