Hill First Baptist Archive

Hill First Baptist Church

205 North Pope Street

Athens, GA 30601

Hill First BaptistHill First Baptist is a historic church established over 140 years ago just beyond Tanyard Creek in the Reese Street Historic District.

Blue Features?

In partnership with the Reese/Pope Community Garden, downspouts from the Hill First Baptist have been extended to the garden and connected to 12 rain barrels.

  • 50% of roof runoff is stored to be reused in the garden.
  • By collecting the runoff it is no longer a potential cause of erosion, flooding, or pollution in Tanyard Creek.
  • The garden is able to conserve potable drinking water by using captured rainwater.
  • The community garden is provided with a source of water, otherwise unavailable.

Why does this matter?

The roof of Hill First Baptist is about 5,200 square feet. In a heavy storm (1 inches of rainfall) nearly 3200 gallons of rain water can be expected to roll off the roof. Instead about half is being captured in the rain barrels in the community garden. The partnership allows the garden a sustainably source of water while significantly reducing the church's potential impact on Tanyard Creek. This willingness of Hill First Baptist to go the extra mile is a great example of how sustainability can benefit the community.