Sandy Creek Nature Center - Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteers are a vital part of Sandy Creek Nature Center. Their dedication and support help us to accomplish our mission of providing a place for environmental education, outdoor recreation, conservation and awareness.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

For more information email or call 706-613-3615 

We welcome all interested individuals and groups. Students looking for internships or practicum opportunities are also encouraged to contact us.

Experience is not required, and we have volunteer opportunities for people of all skill levels. Training sessions or instruction on safety protocols will be provided depending on the type of volunteer activity.

What it Takes to Become a Volunteer

1. A desire to become involved
Volunteers are what make many of our programs happen! Whatever your expertise, we welcome your involvement. Volunteer orientations are scheduled quarterly or on a one-on-one basis, depending on the type of volunteer opportunity.

2. Availability
The time requirements vary with each volunteer opportunity. We are flexible and can often accommodate your schedule.

3. Commitment
Each volunteer is valuable to our facility. Any level of commitment is welcome and appreciated. We only ask that you show up or call ahead for events you have volunteered for. We are counting on you!