Prince Avenue Zoning Analysis

The Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission adopted the Prince Avenue Corridor Study in 2012, along with a prioritized Implementation Schedule for the recommendations within the Study. As part of the first phase of recommended strategies, Planning Department staff developed a new zoning designation and potential amendments to the zoning ordinance in order to allow for the location of compatible commercial uses within or adjacent to established neighborhoods.


Following the completion of the Prince Avenue Corridor Study and the Oak/Oconee Corridor Study in 2012, the Mayor and Commission prioritized the implementation efforts identified in both studies and directed the Planning Department to first prepare a Complete Streets policy that applied to the community as a whole. This policy was adopted in December 2012.

The next implementation effort identified was the zoning analysis of Prince Avenue, which began in December 2012. From December through April, Planning staff met with a Mayor-appointed citizen group regarding potential zoning amendments. The primary intended outcome of the zoning analysis is the creation of a new commercial zoning category and associated development standards designed to recognize the unique character and established development forms found along those sections of Prince Avenue that are immediately adjacent to residential areas and on comparatively small lots.

Although transportation and land use have a symbiotic relationship and one cannot be ignored when studying the other, from the onset the scope of this Prince Avenue zoning analysis project dealt with land use, zoning, and development standards first. Transportation-related issues, particularly those involving the right-of-way, would be recognized in this study only as they relate to land use (e.g. frequency of curb cuts, possible traffic generation impacts brought about by new development, etc.). Any study of right-of-way modifications, lane configurations, signalization, or multi-modal improvements would be handled separately, pending direction by the Mayor and Commission.


Executive Summary

Memorandum to Planning Commissioners - for the May 2, 2013 meeting

Memorandum to Planning Commissioners - for the June 6, 2013 meeting

Proposed Text Amendments  - updated June 3, 2013

Map of Potential Zoning Changes Along Prince Avenue - updated June 3, 2013

Map of Prince Avenue Character Areas

For updates on the review process please check this page, call the Planning Department (706-613-3515), or visit the Athens-Clarke County main calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

  • April 15, 2013 - April 30, 2013: Drop-In Public Review & Comment Opportunity at the Planning Department
  • Planning Commission Meeting: May 2, 2013 - 7pm at 120 W. Dougherty Street
  • Public Meeting on Prince Avenue: May 20, 2013 - 7pm at the UGA Health Sciences Campus, George Hall
  • Planning Commission Meeting: June 6, 2013 - 7pm at 120 W. Dougherty Street
  • Mayor and Commission Meeting: Date to be determined