How to Become Blue

The Certified Blue program helps restaurants, bars, and institutions in Athens-Clarke County use less water and promote efficient water use. The Certified Blue program encourages employees and customers a to be efficient water users where they work, dine, and socialize. The program is 100% free.

Want more information? Certified Blue 706-613-3729


Step 1) Fill out and submit a Certified Blue application

Step 2) Meet with the Water Conservation Office (WCO) to review your application, perform a water use assessment, and to determine your certification requirements. We will contact you after you submit your application.


Step 3) Implement water-saving strategies from the following list:

  • Install HE pre-rinse spray valves, (available from the WCO at no charge)
  • Install HE aerators in lavatories and hand-washing sinks, (available from the WCO at no charge)
  • Repair leaks identified during your water use assessment,
  • Install educational signage to remind staff to be efficient, (available from the WCO at no charge)
  • Serve water to guests only upon request, and
  • Perform an audit on the restaurant’s landscape irrigation system [optional].

Step 4) Implement at least 2 of the following public education strategies. All the items listed below are provided free of charge from the Water Conservation Office:

  • Use the free Children's coloring placemats/workbooks and crayons,
  • Use the free Lily Anne Phibian Children's coloring pages and crayons,
  • Use Certified BLUE coasters,
  • Use the Certified BLUE bathroom sticker and signage,
  • Wait staff wears certified BLUE buttons,
  • Host a Water Conservation Public Education Event. These events can be staffed by the Water Conservation Office and supplies for events are provided free of charge (as available) Events may include:
    • Water Efficiency Workshop,
    • Water efficiency table on a busy evening or lunch rush,
    • Showerhead giveaway,
    • Family/children’s activity, or
    • Other event to be approved by WCO
  • Post Certified Blue yard sign if landscaping is Water Wise or the restaurant has an irrigation system that has been audited.


 Step 5) Place Certified Blue decal in public view (required). Decal is provided by the WCO at no charge.


Step 6) Complete renewal form annually. Information on the form includes:

  • Public education strategies implemented during the year,
  • Program renewal water use assessment, and
  • Affidavits confirming compliance with laws and ordinances.