Planning Perfect Kids Parties

Tips for Kids Parties

A great birthday party can be loads of fun for children and adults! Here are some practical hints to help you plan the perfect party and make the most of your child's special day:

  • Book your party at Athens-Clarke Gymnastics Academy (ACGA) and leave all the work to us! You may schedule your party two months in advance.
  • Allow yourself at least one month to plan details for things like: best day and time, decorations, food, and party favors.
  • Involve the birthday child. Depending on your child's age, he/she can help plan the theme, guest list, and menu. Your child can also help by addressing the invitations, which are provided by ACGA for their birthday parties. You will want to mail out your invitations two to three weeks before the party and include an RSVP. Remember, the reason for the party is to make your child feel special!
  • Get a helper. ACGA provides a personal party coach and a personal party host. The coach will lead the children in fun activities during the first hour of the party. The host will handle the extras - initial setup (which includes all paper products provided by ACGA), serving refreshments and restocking as needed, taking pictures (you provide the camera), opening of gifts, and cleanup.
  • Don't forget the camera! Take lots of photos. You and your child will want to remember this special celebration. Pictures can be sent to party goers in thank-you notes. A good thing to remember is that it is not necessary to have every child in every picture. Candid shots of small groups, pairs, and individuals capture the fun best!
  • Send thank-you notes. The personal party host will provide you with a gift list that indicates the type of gift given along with the gift giver's name. Sit down with your child a week or two after the party to write the thank-you notes.