Ripple Effect Film Project Winners 2023

Congratulations Filmmakers!

Your films created a "Ripple Effect" of water conservation with the 2023 Ripple Effect Film Project. Thank you to all participants for making this our most successful year yet!

Filmmakers of all ages and levels of experience have created original short films about water conservation and water stewardship. The finalists' films made a splash at the "Blue Carpet Premiere" on March 26th at the Morton Theater.

See the award-winning films below or visit Lily Anne Phibian's YouTube channel for submission playlists.


Category: Rivers Alive, Grades K-6 Category: Use Water Wisely, Grades K-6 Category: A Ripple Effect, Grades 7-12Honorable Mention Film Winners International or out-of-state films

2023 Ripple Effect Film Project Best in Festival

Marcel, Jadin, & Sahara Fielteau took top honors in the 2023 Ripple Effect Film Project.  Their film entitled "24/7" received the Best in Festival Award.  

The film tells the story of a day in the life of a water drop, and what a busy life it is!  Think of all the ways you used water today.  Now think of all the little, tiny individual water drops that clocked in to be there just for you.  Gotta love water!

Ripple Effect Film Project Best in Festival: 24/7
Category: A Ripple Effect
Filmmakers: Jadin Fielteau, Sahara Fielteau, & Marcel Fielteau
School: Homeschool, 5th, 10th, & 11th Grade

Best in Category Award Winners