Oconee Hill Cemetery Greenway Project


What's happening at Oconee Hill Cemetery and Easley Mill?

The Oconee Hill Cemetery Greenway Project will extend the Greenway Trail from Easley Mill to the East Campus Connector through Oconee Hill Cemetery. 

During active construction, there will be intermittent closures of the trails adjacent to the project.

The Oconee Hill Cemetery Project is sub-project #2 of the 2011 SPLOST program for the North Oconee River Greenway. This proposed segment of multi-use path follows an existing sanitary sewer easement that follows along the bank of the North Oconee River. Staff and Cemetery Trustees are working together to ensure that the path is sensitive to the environment that it traverses. Features like granite entry columns and decorative metal fencing set a reverent tone for this section of the greenway while maintaining the ability to close off access when necessary. Once completed, the trail will connect the existing Easley's Mill Greenway Trailhead with the East Campus Connector Trail.

Status: Under Construction
Target Completion Date: Summer 2022
Location: 297 Cemetery Drive, Athens GA