Electronic Confinement Systems

The Mayor and Commission recently approved the use of electronic confinement systems for confining domestic animals. Here is some basic information about these systems and requirements for using them. If you have further questions, please contact Animal Services at 706-613-3540.

An electronic confinement system is a system designed to confine a domestic animal in a designated area within the property limits of the animal's owner or keeper using an electronic signal from a transmitter to a receiver worn by the animal that provides a shock, or other behavior correction method, to the confined animal when the animal approaches the perimeter of the confinement area. Such behavior correction method shall be of sufficient effect to prevent the animal from leaving the confinement area. These systems are often referred to by different names such as "radio fence," "underground fence," or "invisible fence." There are wired and wireless versions.

In order to use an electronic confinement system, the owner or keeper must post signs indicating the presence of the system at regular intervals in sufficient quantity and of sufficient size so as to be clearly visible to anyone approaching the property. Animal Services will respond to complaints regarding electronic confinement systems starting immediately. Warnings will be issued for 30 days to give owners time to get the required signs posted.

No animal which has been classified or is currently being reviewed for classification as "potentially dangerous" as defined in ACC 4-1-1, or "dangerous" or "vicious" as defined in OCGA 4-8-21, may be confined by means of an electronic confinement system.

Owners who have been convicted of a violation of ACC 4-1-4(b) (menacing) may not confine any domestic animal in an electronic confinement system for a period of 6 months from the date of conviction.