Jamie Calkin

Anyone familiar with local art in Athens will quickly identify the hydrant on the corner of Broad St & Lumpkin as an original by our own Jamie Calkin.  Bright yellow sunflowers are mixed with popular locales you are sure to recognize.  Visit the hydrant and see how many you can spot.

Jamie can often be found walking around town carrying a backpack of art supplies.  This Boy Scout type of preparedness allows him to stop whenever he is inspired to capture a moment.  His specialty is painting local hot spots using a Georgia-based ink and watercolor in the plein air style.  

Want more of Jamie?  Visit UGA's Tate Center to see his 64-foot mural!  He has also been known to paint a rain barrel for the Roll Out the Barrels auction.  One year he let himself be bid upon to do a personalized rain barrel for the highest bidder.  Pretty cool!  

Athens in Sunflowers, by Jamie Calkin

Athens in Sunflowers, by Jamie Calkin

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