Jennifer Zwirn

Jennifer Zwirn's hydrant is the perfect color to represent WATER!  She carefully blended her paint colors to came up with this particular shade of blue she calls "Cee Blue".  The name is a nod to her children.  She used the first letter of their names to create the unique spelling of "Cee".  

We love how Jennifer cleverly used the hydrant form in her design.  The finished product leaves one feeling nostalgic for their childhood.  Who didn't want a brand new box of 64-count Crayola crayons with a built-in sharpener?  Throw in a box of Mr. Sketch markers and a child could color all day long. 

This hydrant stands in front of the ACC Water Customer Service Center/Water Business Office and has the honor of being the first in the H2.O Water Walk.  Print a map or pick one up outside the Customer Service Center by the payment drop box.  After the walk, go home and color a picture of yourself enjoying water.  
Cee Blue by Jennifer Zwirn

Cee Blue, by Jennifer Zwirn