Zero Waste Kits

Zero Waste is a culture shift -- establishing innovative ways to reduce waste sent to the landfill through reuse, recycling, composting, and more. ACC Solid Waste has resources that can help you on the road to Zero Waste Events, and ultimately a ZW lifestyle.

Zero Waste Kits are available from ACC Recycling free of charge. These kits offer reusable plates, utensils, cups, napkins, and more plus recycling and composting bins for you to borrow for any event, in order to reduce the need for disposables and send less stuff to the landfill. Follow the link below to submit a request for use of our waste bins or reusable wares!

Zero Waste Kit forks, plates, cups, napkins

Zero Waste Kit Labels

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  • Compostables ClearstreamRecycling ClearstreamTrash ClearstreamWe ask that all users of our Zero Waste event kit return all items as they were when they picked them up from ACCSW. This means that all wares and linens will be washed and returned in good condition in which the next group will use them. Users will be charged for any items that are not cleaned and returned to ACCSW on the designated Date of Return.
  • All requests must be received 2 business days in advance of the requested pick-up date.  
  • We currently can accommodate events of 100-150 attendees and less for most items. Some items are in short supply and can only accommodate smaller groups. 
  • This kit includes an inventory of reusable wares and linens but also has Clearstream event recycling, compost, and trash bins available upon request.

Why reusable?

According to the EPA, six million tons of non-durable plastics are discarded every year!

It's the best option for the environment.

Reusable dishware uses less energy and resources over its lifetime than disposable.
Plastic disposables end up in the landfill and take anywhere from 10-100 years to decompose!

It's healthier.

The production of many disposable products has human health impacts during production. This can include water and air pollution as well as the leaching of dangerous hydrocarbons.

It's easier than you think.

Simply run your dishes through the dishwasher instead of tossing disposables in the trash.

We hope that this program continues to grow and that it will inspire (and remind) users that they don’t have to use disposables at their events. By promoting our program, we hope that our community organizations, businesses, and individuals will invest in reusable wares of their own, to use for ongoing and recurring events. 

Any questions should be directed to

How to Set-Up your ClearStream Recycling/Compost/Landfill Bins

Download the PDF to share with event organizers