Tire Round-Up Event

Tire Round Up Poster and Link to Website 2023
Report Illegal Dumping
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Save the Date: March 26 to April 1, 2024 for this year's Tire Round Up.

What can I do with my old tires?

Most tire retailers will collect and recycle your old tires for a minimal fee. You can also recycle tires at the Athens-Clarke County Landfill and the CHaRM

ACC Tire Disposal Fees

  • $3 per standard passenger or light truck tire
  • $10 per commercial truck tire & tires on rims

Why proper tire disposal is important:

  • Risk of Disease - Piles of tires are ideal breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitos and rodents.
  • Landscape Blight - Dumped tires degrade the landscape. This leads to declining property values and invites more litter.
  • Fire Hazards - Stockpiled tires are a fire hazard which produce toxic smoke and pollute land, water, and air.
  • Clean-up Costs - Improper disposal of tires isn't free. The local government, left with the responsibility of cleanup will be required to increase taxes or divert funding from positive programs and services.