Drinking Water Treatment Plant
The journey of your drinking water begins when water is pumped into the JG Beacham Water Treatment Plant. Our plant staff closely monitors and maintains a computerized system as water travels through a complex treatment process. The staff includes highly trained maintenance mechanics, lab technicians, operators, and administrative support who keep the treatment system running smoothly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your drinking water goes through a careful, step-by-step process to make sure it is clean and safe before it reaches your faucet.

Schedule a tour through the JG Beacham Water Treatment Plant and Bob M. Snipes Water Resource Center to learn more about water treatment and testing by emailing Jackie Sherry at

Water Reclamation Facility
We all depend on water in our everyday lives. Once you send water down the drain, it needs to be cleaned and recycled - this historically has been described as wastewater treatment. Now, because of the large advances in treatment technologies and regulations in the federal Clean Water Act, we reclaim, refresh, and return the water you have used.

Your wastewater goes through a careful "reclaiming" process to bring the water back to its usable condition.

Schedule a tour of the Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility to see the biological treatment process Athens-Clarke County uses to clean our wastewater. Please email Jackie Sherry at to schedule a tour.