Subdivision Review

The Plat Review Process is the reviewing procedure for the modification and creation of parcels of land within Athens-Clarke County. Proposed plats for subdivisions and recombinations of land are submitted to the Planning Department and forwarded to all appropriate Athens-Clarke County Departments and to the Clarke County Health Department for review.

The purpose of the Subdivision Regulations is to allow for subdivision design that has a high level of amenity, that respects the natural environment and that allows for a variety of choices in housing types and designs.

Review Process 

Subdivision proposals shall be accompanied by an application and plans for either a Preliminary Plat Review, a Site Review or a Final Plat Review, depending on the type of project and where the project is in the review process.

  • For minor subdivisions (developments of less than five lots not involving public street construction), only a Final Plat review is required.
  • For major subdivisions (developments of five lots or more or for subdivisions of property involving public street construction), Preliminary Plat approval is required prior to applications for Site Review approval and Final Plat approval.
  • Subdivisions of land that contain more than ten lots, or that contain attached single family units, or that create lots of less than 8,000 square feet require a Site Review, per Chapter 25 of the Zoning and Development Standards.
  • Preliminary Plat approval is required prior to submittal of a Site Review application and Site Review approval is required prior to submittal of a Final Plat application.
  • After all reviewing departments have signed the approved plat, the document is recorded by the Planning Department with the Clerk of Superior and State Courts in the Deeds and Records Room at the Courthouse.

Preliminary Plats: Preliminary Plats are reviewed through the Plans Review process. There is a Plans Review deadline for Preliminary Plats every other week on Tuesday at 12:00pm at the Planning Department. Applications received prior to the bi-weekly deadline are placed on the corresponding agenda to receive comments from reviewing departments.

Site Review Plans: After Preliminary Plat approval, Site Construction Plans for major subdivisions are also reviewed through the Plans Review process.

Final Plats: Applications for Final Plats may be submitted at any time and have a 10-day review period. If changes are required, the revised plans also go through a 10 day review process. Once approved by all departments, the plat is signed by all property owners and ACC department directors. Then it is copied and recorded at the ACC Courthouse.

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