Service Delivery Strategy

Athens-Clarke County, Winterville & Bogart Service Delivery Strategy

The Service Delivery Strategy is required by the Official Code of Georgia to give local governments and authorities the opportunity to reach agreement on the delivery of services in an effective and cost-efficient manner to Georgia's citizens. The intent of the act is:

  • To provide a flexible framework for local governments and authorities to agree on service delivery arrangements
  • To minimize any duplication or competition among local governments and authorities providing local services
  • To provide a method of resolving disputes among service providers regarding service delivery, funding equity, and land use

The Service Delivery Strategy must be revised whenever there is an update of the Comprehensive Plan per the Official Code of Georgia §36-70-28. Athens-Clarke County staff updated the information found in the 1998 Service Delivery Strategy to reflect current service agreements between Athens-Clarke County, the City of Winterville, and the Town of Bogart.

The Mayor and Commission of Athens-Clarke County forwarded by resolution the Service Delivery Strategy to the Department of Community Affairs and the Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center on February 19, 2008, along with the Community Agenda for comments and review. On May 14, 2008, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs certified the Service Delivery Strategy for Athens-Clarke County. The new strategy was adopted July 1, 2008.