73: New Facility for Athens Creative Theatre

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This project involves moving the Athens Creative Theatre (ACT), the theatre program of A-CC Leisure Services, from Quin Hall in Memorial Park to a permanent facility.  The project proposes a new facility that will more adequately support ACT 's productions and programs as well as allow for the expansion and growth of the community theatre program.  It will house a performance theatre space, administrative offices for ACT staff members, teaching and studio spaces and a scene shop with prop storage space.  The proposed project includes the purchase of an existing but vacant building and renovating the building to provide an approximate 10-12,000 square foot facility with seating for approximately 250 people.  

Athens Creative Theatre was founded in 1966 as a community theatre program focused on providing theatre opportunities for youth and for the development of directing skills of UGA graduate students. Since its humble beginnings, ACT has expanded its program offerings to include opportunities for community members of all ages and skill sets by offering a variety of performance activities and a range of theatre education programs. A fall main-stage musical, held at the Morton Theatre, showcases a robust cast ranging from 70-95 performers and an average audience per show of 1,247 attendees. In the winter and spring, ACT holds a number of smaller, second-stage productions in Quinn Hall, a black box theatre space in Memorial Park dedicated to ACT in 2004. An average of 200 attendees have enjoyed 19 shows at Quinn Hall since 2010.

In addition to performances, ACT offers a range of educational programs for youth, adults and the special needs community ranging from courses outlining the basics of theatre, technical theater camps for teens, summer performance programs for youth and even music courses for actors.

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