Deterrence of Crime & Offender Apprehension

header_goal_investigateDeterrence of Crime

Street crime is curbed by the potential criminal's fear of immediate apprehension or by the increased likelihood of detection. Deterrence of crime requires the investigation of behavior which reasonably appears criminal in nature. In deploying patrol forces to inspire public confidence in the police's ability to ensure a peaceful environment, a balance must be struck between the deterrent effect of visible patrol and the undesirable appearance of oppression.

Apprehension of Offenders

The administration of justice consists of the identification, arrest, prosecution, and punishment of the violator, the objective of which is voluntary compliance with the law. Once a crime has been committed, the duty of the police is to initiate the criminal justice system process by identifying and arresting the perpetrator, to obtain necessary evidence, and to cooperate in the prosecution of the case.

As the certainty of swift and sure punishment serves as an effective deterrent to crime, so must the police strive to solve all crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.

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