Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility

A solar installation at the Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facilities will see an overall decrease of 40-60% in plant energy use. The project was deployed in early 2019 and will see an immediate return in energy consumption. It is anticipated as the largest solar project with a system size of 600 kW and will have annual production rates of 1.2 million kWh. It would require over 12,000 trees to absorb the same amount of the expected 606 tons of carbon emissions that would otherwise be produced by traditional fossil fuel energy consumption.

Rather than supplying energy to the facility, this installation supplies energy directly to the energy grid for Athens-Clarke County. The site was built on an existing plot where no trees had to be removed prior to installation, therefore increasing the utility of the land and providing an excellent source of energy for the community without destroying forests.


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