Athens in Motion Commission


  • seven appointed by the Mayor and Commission
  • one appointed by the University of Georgia
  • one appointed by the Oconee Rivers Greenway Commission

TERM:           5 years - limit 2 consecutive terms

AUTHORIZING LEGISLATION: Resolution of the Mayor and Commission adopted June 4, 2019.  


  • Regular meetings: Fourth Tuesday of the month at 4:00 PM
  • Planning Auditorium, 120 W. Dougherty Street - in person
  • Special meetings: determined at the time of call


The Athens in Motion Commission (AiMC) shall be responsible for development, implementation, and modification of the Athens in Motion Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan for a safe and connected network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. Such plan shall also include guidelines for the implementation of the plan. The AiMC is advisory in nature and is charged with the responsibility of recommending projects, policies, and initiatives to the Mayor and Commission.

Lauren Blais07-31-2023
Mark Ebell07-31-2023
James Barlament07-31-2024
Craig Topple07-31-2024
Dale Van Cantfort - ORGC07-31-2026
Blaine Van Note - UGA07-31-2026
John Devine07-31-2027
Teresa Friedlander07-31-2027
Randy Halstead07-31-2027

METHOD OF APPOINTMENT:  Mayor and Commission

CONTACT: Daniel Sizemore, 762-400-6706