As part of our commitment to assist customers with the best tools to manage their water use, the Public Utilities Department is offering a free, online water management tool.

With WaterSmart you can:

  • View  your water use in near real-time
  • Set-up leak, water use, and bill forecast alerts
  • Get personalized, step-by-step savings tips 
  • Compare your usage to similar Athens households

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  • GO TO: accgov.watersmart.com on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • REGISTER with your account number found on your water bill and zip code to begin your account
  • PERSONALIZE:  Get the most out of WaterSmart.  Complete your user profile for more accurate water-use comparisons and water saving tips. 


Through WaterSmart you can set the following notifications about your water use:

  • Leak Notifications - After you create your account, you will automatically receive alerts for continuous water use, which may indicate a leak.  You may opt-out at any time by unchecking "Leak Alerts" in Communication Preferences.
  • High Use Notification - Use the slider to be notified when you use more than a specified amount of your normal seasonal use.  Receiving a High Use Notification does not mean you have a suspected leak, but rather that you are using more than is typical for your household at this time of year.
  • Bill Forecast Notifications - Be notified when your use in the current billing period is on track to exceed the amount you specify.
  • NEW:  Unplanned Use Notifications - Going out of town or have a vacant house?  Select the date and set your gallons threshold to be notified if any water use happens while your house is empty.

To set notifications, open the SETTINGS tab, then choose COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES

communication preferences

Then, in the Communications Preferences settings, select the alert and then choose your preferred notification method (you can choose more than one)

Leak alert notifications

Pay Online with Credit Card: Customers can now make payments by credit card online with no fees.  From WaterSmart, click on the "Billing" tab, then select "Payment" from the drop-down menu. Next, choose "Pay Bill" to be redirected to the payment processor.

Please note the payment processor is a separate system from WaterSmart.  Have your account number handy or refer to WaterSmart page for the account number.  The WaterSmart username and password are not stored or transferred to the payment processor.

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