Demonstration / Protest Procedures

Procedures to Follow

Peacefully demonstrating or protesting is a perfectly legal exercise of your First Amendment rights. However, we ask that you abide by the following ordinances in order to ensure a peaceful and successful event.

Sec. 6-5-23 Picketing and Demonstrations

Any person, group or organization engaged in any picketing, demonstrations, assembly, gathering, procession, or other activity protected by the U.S. Constitution shall be prohibited from blocking the ingress and egress of any public or private place. Any person, group, or organization engaged in such activities is required to make application as set forth in section 6-5-3(a). However, any such person, group, or organization shall be exempt from the permit requirement in section 6-5-2 and the fees set forth in section 6-5-3(c) and section 6-5-9 (Ordinance of 9-1-92, §1).

Sec. 6-5-3(a) Application

(a) A producer of a special event shall make application for a permit for such event at the office of the manager on a form prescribed by the manager. Application forms may be obtained from the office of the manager, the office of the clerk of commission, and the Police Department (Ordinance of 9-1-92, §1).

Applying for a Demonstration or Protest

The manager of Athens-Clarke County has delegated the responsibilities for processing any application for a demonstration or protest to the Police Department. Applications are available from the office of the chief at the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, located at 3035 Lexington Road. The office is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Once an application is completed, a senior ranking official of the police department will meet with the applicant to discuss the particulars about the event. For assistance or information about making an application as set forth above, please call 762-400-7007. 

The application is to be completed a minimum of five business days before the demonstration is scheduled to take place.