4.4.20 #ArtsCenterOnLine


As you know, the Arts Center is closed until further notice.  However, we have an incredible Juried Show to share.  We are moving the 45th online.  Each day (see menu to the left) in the morning hours we will post a new work on display in the galleries with a short story.

Hi! I’m Alan Barrett @artxalan and ironically, I have two drawings/paintings in the show, but I am actually a ceramics major at UGA focusing on sculpture. The inspiration for “Dysmorphia” (charcoal on bristol board) was the big lies I tell and have told myself that have negatively impacted my own perception of self and my continuous effort to be more aware of that. My inspiration for “20” (oil on canvas) was a vibrant film photograph that was taken on my 20th birthday this past summer. It was a perfect golden summer day spent with good friends that I wanted to immortalize in paint. My favorite thing about Athens is that it is so much more than just a college town. There is a beautiful community of artists, activists, farmers, teachers, and so many more that definitely gets eclipsed by a big SEC school like UGA. 

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