ACC Employee Litter Cleanups

During COVID-19 restrictions, employees may choose to pick-up roadside litter to fulfill work hours. Employees should work in groups of no more than four and should practice social distancing (stay six feet apart). Grabbers, bags, gloves, and safety vests will be provided. Gloves and vests should be washed before they are returned. Litter should only be handled with the grabbers.

Groups should communicate with one another to choose a pickup time and should designate a leader to pick up and return the supplies. The group leader will also need to report the hours, amount of trash and recycling collected, and the location of bags for pick up. Let KACCB know the planned date for the cleanup on the registration form. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for staff to prepare tools. You will receive confirmation that your tools are ready for pick up.

All tools and supplies must be picked up from the Solid Waste Department between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM on the day of your cleanup.(725 Hancock Industrial Way, Athens, GA 30605). Tools can be dropped off during business hours in the same location from where they were picked up.

Thank you for keeping Athens-Clarke County Beautiful!

employee litter cleanup


Don't see a road you want to clean? Contact to request to add a road!
  • Bailey Street (from Barnett Shoals Road to Pinewood Way)
  • Buddy Christian Way (from Cherokee Road to Winterville Road)
  • Carriage Lane/Carriage Court (from Barnett Shoals Road to end)
  • Cedar Shoals Drive (from Barnett Shoals Drive to Whit Davis Road)
  • Hancock Industrial Way (from Olympic Drive to Indian Hills Road)
  • Hancock Road (from Hancock Industrial Way to Spring Valley Road)
  • Kathwood Drive (from Newton Bridge Road to Old Jefferson Road)
  • Lavender Road (from Tallassee Road to Jefferson Hwy)
  • Loop 10 Exits (Chase Street on and off Ramps)
  • MLK Parkway (from Loop 10 to Broad Street)
  • Newton Bridge Road (from Chase Street to Vincent Drive)
  • Old Hull Road (from Athena Drive to Hull Road)
  • Old Hull Road (from North Avenue to Fourth Street)
  • Olympic Drive (between Indian Hills Road and Athena Drive)
  • Pittard Road (from Hull Road to Old Elberton Road)
  • Strickland Avenue/First Street (from MLK Parkway to MLK Parkway)
  • Vincent Drive (from Newton Bridge Road to Old Jefferson Road)
  • Whitehead Road (from Tallassee Road to Jefferson Hwy)
  • Willow Street (from College Avenue to Broad Street)
  • Winterville Road (from Lexington Road to Indian Hills Road)