Call for Public Art - Athens Pop-Up Park

  1. Call Summary
  2. Project Overview & Site Description
  3. Public Art Goals & Criteria
  4. Eligibility
  5. Budget
  6. Timeline

Athens Pop-Up Park is a new initiative by Leisure Services that will be used throughout the community to bring Leisure Services programming and other activities to the public. The Department has purchased a retired minibus from Athens Transit and will use this to visit neighborhoods, special events hosted by ACCGOV, and various festivals happening in Athens throughout the year. Additionally, the vehicle will offer passenger transport, public input initiatives, and Leisure Services Department tours.

Because art is such an integral part of Athens, the Leisure Services Department is seeking an artist or artists from the Athens or surrounding area to design a bus wrap that embodies the mission and goal of this program.

Final Proposal Submissions:

All proposals must be submitted to Athens-Clarke County’s online system of calls for entry

The design will be selected by a panel consisting of Leisure Services staff and a representative of Athens Cultural Affairs Commission. 

All of the following must accompany submission to be considered:

  • Artist(s) contact information, including name(s), mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail. Please do not identify the artist(s) on the public art concept or description (including links to website and social media handles), so that the selection process is anonymous.
  • Brief design description
  • Illustration or rendering of concept art


Brian McGhee
Administrative Assistant, Recreation Division, Bishop Park
Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department