Keep It Safe

Let’s work together Keep It Safe at work!

As we navigate our "new normal," it will take the entire ACCGov family to work together and do our part to maintain safe work environments for us all.

ACCGov has three main types of cleaning in response to the Coronavirus:

  • Routine cleaning – 
    • Traditional daily or weekly cleaning by custodial crews (as previously scheduled prior to COVID-19)
    • Increased cleaning performed by all staff for their respective work spaces. 
    • All areas should be cleaned by staff at least twice per shift, or more as needed.
  • Enhanced cleaning – 
    • Wiping down high touch and commonly used areas throughout normal daily work tasks. 
    • By the employees who use and share work space, which may include some public spaces like counters and conference rooms.  
  • Contamination cleaning – 
    • Deep cleaning if there is contamination
    • Performed by a professional contract company.

Benefits to "Keep It Safe"

  • Cleaner work environments and helping the ACC family to prevent the spread of germs, 
  • Wellness points for workplace cleaning in The ACC Well   >  Health Education   > Infectious Disease Reduction
  • Randomly selected prizes, which includes pizza parties
  • Special Prize for the department that logs the most cleaning (scaled for department size) 


  1. Limit close contact and maintain six feet of distance.
  2. Avoid large gatherings.
  3. Wear cloth face coverings in public.
  4. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer. 
  5. Clean and disinfect personal items and surfaces.
  6. Respect people and guidelines.

READY, SET, GO SAFELY is a collaborative community effort to promote and encourage protocol, sanitization measures, and safety guidelines so that we can safely go forward together. Find out more at

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