Parklet Pilot Program


In an effort to support businesses, the Mayor & Commission adopted a policy to establish a pilot program for additional outdoor dining space for restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. This program will run no less than 100 days from the date of adoption and may be extended by administrative action of the Manager.

The following information is a summary. Please refer to the Parklet Pilot Program Policy for a full explanation on design & use, management of Parklets, prohibited activities, alcohol use, liability & insurance, and revocation & suspension.


  1. This policy applies to restaurants only as defined as any public place kept, used, maintained, and advertised and held out to the public as a place where meals are served and where meals are actually and regularly served, without sleeping accommodations, such place being provided with adequate and sanitary kitchen and dining room equipment, having employed a sufficient number of cooks and kinds of employees to prepare, cook, and serve suitable food at tables with seating, and holding a certificate of inspection and approval from the county health department. At least one meal per day shall be served at least five days a week, with the exception of holidays, vacations, and periods of remodeling, and the serving of such meals shall be the principal business conducted, with the serving of alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the premises as only incidental thereto. A restaurant shall have 50 percent or more of its total annual gross sales of food and alcoholic beverages from the sale of prepared meals or food. Such gross sales shall not include sales of prepared meals or food sold or delivered off-site as part of a catering business.
  2. This policy does not apply to bars or other retail establishments.
  3. This policy applies to public parking in the commercial business district that is directly in front of the permittee’s place of business.
  4. Parklets are not available on Broad Street (Georgia DOT property) or on College Avenue between Broad Street and Clayton Street. Parklets on Clayton Street between Thomas Street and Lumpkin Street are subject to considerable interruptions from the ongoing Clayton Street Improvements Project.



  1. Regardless of state regulations, permittees must maintain indoor occupancy at 50% of total listed fire capacity occupancy of the restaurant, with indoor tables arranged to have at least six feet of separation unless physical barriers are used to separate tables.
  2. Menus shall be either non-touch menus, recyclable paper menus, or reusable menus that are sanitized between each use.
  3. Permittee staff must wear a face covering (mask) while interacting with patrons or while indoors.
  4. Parklet seating areas must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between uses.


How much does it cost for a parklet? 
There is no charge for a parklet.

How long can I use my parklet? 
The initial Parklet Pilot Program is for 100 days from the date of adoption by Mayor & Commission which is November 12, 2020. The Manager may recommend an extension of this pilot program.

Can I use tents or other shade structures? 
Yes, so long as they are weighed down, are under 10' tall, and provide at least 7' of clearance with anywhere they might overlap with the sidewalk. Side panels on tents are not permitted. 

Can I play music? 
No. Music, entertainment, or the use of sound amplifying devices is prohibited.

Is smoking allowed? 
No. Smoking is prohibited in Parklets.

Can I have lighting in my parklet? 
Yes, battery-operated lights are permitted so long as they do not cause glare for oncoming drivers.

Do I have to rent barriers from Leisure Services?  
No. So long as barriers meet the policy guidelines for height, visibility, and transparency, the will be eligible to be reviewed and approved by Transportation and Public Works. 

Can alcohol be served in the parklet? 
Yes. The intention of the policy is that it enables the consumption of alcohol in a manner that is consistent with how alcohol is distributed within sidewalk cafes. Please refer to the policy for further guidance.

Do I have to have staff to serve my parklet?  
No. Parklet operators may establish it so that customers carry food and beverages into the parklet on their own.