Please stay tuned for the 2021 Art Time Box Program.

Lyndon House Arts Center brings art education to your home!  ART TIME BOX for 4 - 7 years olds,  is the new art education product developed by the Lyndon House Arts Center.  ART TIME BOX includes six fun projects inspired by contemporary artists working in all mediums and with many topics.  From Kehinde Wiley's fantastical portraits to Andy Goldsworthy's land art, your student will be engaged in learning and making.  ART TIME BOX combines the opportunity to experience artistic technique with authentic self-expression as well as creative problem solving right at home.

ART TIME BOX includes laminated informational sheets about the artist inspiring the project such as images of their own work and their own story.  This is educational information for the whole family and are both in English and in Spanish.  The sheet also includes step by step instructions to guide your student through the project.  

ART TIME BOX includes all the materials needed and tools for making all such as scissors for both left and right handed children, a cool French Watercolor pencil, watercolor set, golden marker patterned paper and more.  There is also a parental guidance sheet about the use of the materials and tools.