Studies and Reports

Corridor Studies (What are these?)

  • Corridor Management Strategy: The goal of this study was to develop a systematic approach to Athens-Clarke County corridor improvement projects, improve the appearance of corridors, identify gateway opportunities, establish guidelines for development within the right of way, and reinforce the character of Athens-Clarke County. This document was produced by the Jaeger Company.
  • Atlanta Highway and Lexington Road: Connect Athens is a single corridor planning process that identified short- and long-term recommendations for two major arterial roadways in Athens—Atlanta Highway and Lexington Road 
  • Oak St & Oconee St: The purpose of this planning study is to evaluate unique local conditions that affect both the function and appeal of the Oak Street and Oconee Street area – one of Athens-Clarke County’s most significant community corridors.
  • Prince Avenue: This study make recommendations to guide the development of public policies - regulatory and incentive based - designed to enhance and conserve the future quality of the Prince Avenue corridor, a primary gateway into Downtown Athens.

Housing Studies

  • Affordable Housing Survey: An analysis of housing affordability in Athens-Clarke County by the Department of Human and Economic Development.
  • Apartment and Condominium Construction: The information in this document was taken from the Building Permit database in the Athens-Clarke County Building Inspections Department and is current through September 2009.
  • Infill Housing Study: This study of infill housing issues in Athens-Clarke County examines design characteristics that can contribute to or detract from the compatibility of new housing in older, traditional neighborhoods. Strategies to achieve harmonious new single-family residential development are examined, including current policies and ordinances as well as potential tools. Architectural drawings for one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom / duplex infill houses. You can also view architectural notes for these drawings here. The study is also broken into three downloadable parts at a higher resolution: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Planning Commission Response to Mayor Girtz’s Inclusionary Development Charge: In the Fall of 2019, Mayor Girtz charged the Planning Commission with exploring issues and recommending practices that would encourage mixed‐income development across various residential zones, including some specifically identified issues which could serve as either impediments or accelerants in developing an affordable housing initiative in Athens‐Clarke County.

Transportation Studies

  • Complete Streets Policy: The Complete Streets concept is an initiative to design and build roads that adequately accommodates all users of a corridor, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motorists, to the extent appropriate for the land use or the context of the street. 

Zoning Studies

  • Boulevard Zoning Study: Initially presented as the Director’s Report to the Planning Commission in April 2008, this study analyzes current zoning and development patterns in the Boulevard neighborhood.
  • Prince Avenue Zoning Analysis: The Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission adopted the Prince Avenue Corridor Study in 2012, along with a prioritized Implementation Schedule for the recommendations within the Study. As part of the first phase of recommended strategies, Planning Department staff developed a new zoning designation and potential amendments to the zoning ordinance in order to allow for the location of compatible commercial uses within or adjacent to established neighborhoods.


  • Building Permits Issued: List of building permits issued in Athens-Clarke County through September 2009 for data and 2008 for charts. This information was provided by the Building Inspections Department.
  • Greenway Network Plan: A document from the Department of Leisure Services adopted in February 2017 outlining the development guidelines and infrastructure plan for the Athens-Clarke County Greenway.