Window Works: Noraa James

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Noraa and Window

January – March 2021

The Lyndon House Arts Center is pleased to present a new project entitled Window Works featuring original site-designed artworks by local artist Noraa James. Window Works is a new outdoor art experience in response to the Covid pandemic, available for viewing while in daylight outside.

Window Works is an outdoor project located at the entrance of the Lyndon House Arts Center.  Using the banks of windows as a palette, Noraa James has designed a triptych and diptych inspired by love, the Black body and primary colors. Noraa’s work is an exploration into the representation of blackness in its beauty, sublimity and the connectedness of such with the natural elements in and around us, primarily through the scope of afrofuturism and afrosurrealism.

From the Artist:

Window Works (2021) comprises of a digitally painted diptych and triptych portraying a continued exploration in the sublimity of the deeply melanated being and literal resemblances between dark skin and the night sky. These figures are portrayed as ancestors of extraterrestrial origin and cosmic proportion through their relation to other celestial bodies, that they are both an authority and embodiment of. In all of my art, I’m driven to create portrayals of Black people with a divine sense of esteem, mythos and golden touch to increase the positive representations of melanin and to celebrate deeply pigmented individuals who have historically been targets of contemptuous perception.

In Love in Primarya triptych of embracing figures, I intended to portray moments of intimacy and interconnectedness through friendship and solidarity. This togetherness is catalyzed from a personal longing to see and experience more physical touch that has become endangered due to some secondary symptoms of the COVID-19 pandemic like isolation, alienation, distrust and neurosis.

Planet Nursery is a digitally-painted diptych portraying a world creator and her black panther companion. Dark as the night sky and donning a crown of light, this matriarchal figure is posed resembling iconic figures like Lady Columbia and the Statue of Liberty. The black panther’s primary role is to use its paws to propel the worlds she manifests into orbital revolution. 

- Noraa James

Planet Nursery1_NoraaJames_2020

Noraa James is an artist, designer and photographer from Norfolk, Virginia, a graduate of Old Dominion University and presently based in Athens, Georgia. James is an artist listed in the website co-hosted by Envision Athens and the ACC Department of Economic Development where his work was introduced to the Lyndon House Arts Center.

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