What is the history of this part of the property?

This property, like most of Piedmont Georgia, was used for intensive cotton production beginning in the early 1800s, which led to severe erosion and degradation of the soil. By the 1940s, the soils were depleted and barely able to support the sharecropping families who lived here. Very little of this part of the site was actively involved in the brick production that dominated other parts of the nature center property, but waste bricks and other debris were dumped here. Starting in the early 1950s, row crop agriculture was slowly abandoned, with the last farming ending around 1980, leaving the nutrient-poor land fallow. Eventually grasses, shrubs and pines began the process of returning to a climax forest. In the 1970s, when Sandy Creek Nature Center was founded, portions of this part of the site were still a mix of meadows and young pine trees. In the more than 40 years since, the pines have shaded out the meadows, creating an overcrowded, monocultural second-growth forest with low diversity.

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1. Why create a managed forest at Sandy Creek Nature Center?
2. How much of the nature center will be used for the managed forest?
3. Where will the managed forest be located?
4. Will the managed forest be all pine?
5. What is the history of this part of the property?
6. The land is already forested, why not leave it as is?
7. How will the managed forest address these problems?
8. Won’t letting more sunlight reach the ground create a lot of underbrush?
9. Are controlled burns safe?
10. Is clear-cutting part of the managed forest plan?
11. How are the other sites managed?
12. When does work start?
13. Is clearing and thinning the best way to create the managed forest?
14. How will you keep the Nature Center looking attractive?
15. Will the activity affect any rare or endangered species?
16. What will you do to eradicate invasive species?
17. How will you pay for it?
18. Do you have support from the community and forestry experts?
19. Is there an approval process?
20. How can I learn more?